About The Team


Developed FOR parents like you, BY parents like you

The idea for the Lock 2 Learn app originated when a group of friends were discussing the challenges they faced as parents. Their concerns reflected those of most parents today.

  • My daughter spends all her time on her phone, texting friends and browsing the internet. I don’t even know what she’s up to on there when she’s online.
  • My son is falling behind in some of his classes because he spends all his time on his tablet and isn’t studying enough.
  • I never even know what my kids are up to on their phones. I don’t know what apps they’re using or what websites they are visiting. I keep hearing all these stories about the risks of kids being online but how do you monitor what they’re doing?
  • My son is on his tablet all day playing games and watching movies. The thing is just an entertainment device for him. When we got him one we figured he would use it for some learning but that certainly hasn’t been the case!
  • I don’t know how my kid is going to get into this school next year. It’s gotten so competitive.
  • I’m already worried about my daughter falling behind her peers but I can’t afford a tutor to spend every day with her.
  • My kids are always using my tablet and my wife’s phone but I have all our bank account apps on those now. I don’t want them accessing that stuff.
  • Last month my son went on one of my shopping accounts and spent $150 on stuff I never would have let him buy!! And my daughter downloaded $25 in apps!

After quite a bit of discussion about the issues, the talk turned to solutions…but none of them could come up with any they were aware of that addressed all their concerns. Before long, they started developing their own concept for an app that would encourage learning and provide parental monitoring and controls. Before long, the group agreed to look into the possibility of developing their own solution.

Once the idea for the Lock 2 Learn app was born, he team began engaging developers to work on the app and continued to build out the idea in order to best address the needs of themselves and other parents.

The Lock 2 Learn app that started as little more than a conceptual solution for a small group of parents is now a tool available to parents everywhere! With Lock 2 Learn, all the concerns of the founding parents, and ultimately those of parents everywhere, are addressed through an affordable, easy-to-use app that can be integrated into your family with little effort.

Lock 2 Learn addresses many of the concerns of today’s parents, and importantly, has been developed for parents like you, by parents like you.