Frequently Asked Questions


How does the payment system work? Is it a subscription?

Like many apps, there is an introductory version of Lock 2 Learn that can be downloaded and used at no cost. You will be able to download 50 questions in each subject area for each grade at no cost. This free trial will last for 14 days. Once your 14 days have ended, you will be prompted to pay a nominal fee of $0.99 in order to download the additional 950 questions for each subject and grade level.

Each additional subject area per grade level after your first purchase will cost $1.99 and will provide you with the full 1,000 questions for each subject and grade level. However, you can also purchase content packages (for instance all subject areas for a specific grade) at a discounted price.

With your purchase (and during the free trial), you will have full access to monitoring capabilities, allowing you to see which applications your child is using and for how long they are using them. You will also have access to summary information on your child’s performance, allowing you to see how they are performing on all the questions for the respective grade level (number of total questions, number of correct and incorrect answers, etc.).

If you would like more visibility into your child’s performance on the questions, you can pay $1.49 to receive additional data for analysis. This one-time fee will provide you with full data reporting for all subjects and grade levels forever! This additional level of access will allow you to look at your child’s performance by subject, so you can see how your child does specifically in English or Math, helping you to understand where they are performing best or where they may need some additional help or practice.

Lock2Learn also offers you a “Subscription” option for each subject area. If you enroll in this program, we will automatically give you access to content for your child’s next grade level beginning on July 1 and you will be charged at that time. This way you can begin to expose your child to the next year’s information over the summer break if you would like, or wait until you are ready to move your child up to the next grade level (by changing the child’s grade level on their “Profile”. We will always be sure to send you reminders to update your child’s grade level. Of course, if you want to ensure you get updated content for all subject areas each July 1, you can choose the “Subscribe to All Subjects” option.

Parents of children in Kindergarten: Please note that the content for Kindergarteners can be downloaded at no charge. This includes all questions in all subject areas.

Current subject offerings for grades K-8

  • Available for children in grades K-8
  • Currently two subject areas available:
  • Language Arts / English

Future additional subject offerings to include:

  • History
  • Science
  • Foreign Language

How are the questions developed and how do you know they are age-appropriate?

Lock 2 Learn partnered with Tribrio, Inc. , an educational content company, for the questions that are used in the app. Help Teaching utilizes teachers that develop test questions and answers to coincide with the national standards for each grade level. This ensures that the questions your child is getting asked by the Lock 2 Learn app are age-appropriate and likely coincide with the questions they will be asked on the tests they take in their own schools. In order to ensure the quality of all questions, our own staff reviews EVERY question as well, even though they have already been vetted by the educational content company.

What if I want my child to get more or less questions?

With Lock 2 Learn you can customize the frequency of the question screens and how many questions your child will need to correctly answer in order to “unlock” the device.

Can’t my child just remove this app or find some way around it?

No, they cannot! Lock 2 Learn is loaded onto the device and cannot be removed by anyone without the administrator password. There are no apps that can bypass the Lock 2 Learn app and your child will not be able to access the device home screen while the app is running without the administrator password. Instead, your child will only have access to a restricted home screen, with only the apps you permit them to access.

What if a call comes into the device while Lock 2 Learn is running or the screen is locked? And what if my child needs to make an emergency call or use the phone while the device is locked?

While the device is “locked”, there is a highly-visible and easily-accessible button that allows the child (or anyone) to access the phone feature for casual or emergency use. When you first introduce your child to the Lock 2 Learn app, you should share this information with them and be sure they are comfortable with accessing the phone in emergency situations. Additionally, if a call were to come in, the child would be able to answer the call without issue.

Will my child know that I have access to all their device activity?

Whether or not you share this information with your child is up to you. It is always possible your child could learn (from friends, our website, etc.) that you will be able to access and review their device activity.

What if my child is using a family device? How will it know which child is using the device and what questions it should ask?

When you give the device to the child, you will activate Lock2Learn. If you have multiple user profiles on the program, you will be prompted to identify which user will be utilizing the device.

What if Lock 2 Learn is running and I (the parent) need to use the device? Do I have to answer the questions to use the device?

Absolutely not! To stop running the Lock 2 Learn program and to use the device in its normal method, all you need to do is hold your finger on the unlock icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This will bring up a window asking you to enter the password required to disable L2L.

What do I do if I encounter a technical issue with the app or need to reach someone with a question about the app?

You should always feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have about the Lock 2 Learn app. To do so, please click on the “Contact Us” page on the website and send us an email. We strive to respond to every question, with a real answer and not just a general response, within 36 hours.

What if I add a new app to the device? Will my child have access or will I need to go into the user profile to grant my child access?

If you add a new app to the device, you will need to simply go into the user profile page and select the app so that your child has access.

What if my child is just starting a new grade? Won’t the questions for that grade level be too difficult since they haven’t learned all the information just yet?

Lock2Learn allows you to determine when it is best to move your child to a new grade level. If you are a subscriber, we will add the next year’s grade level content to your program on July 1. So if your child is in 3rd grade, the 4th grade content will become available on July 1. While you will then have access to this new content, we WILL NOT change your child’s grade level on his/her profile. If you want to challenge your child and expose them to the next year’s information, you can do so at that time. On the other hand, if you switch your child’s grade level and find they are struggling with the information, you can always choose to put the grade level back to reinforce the previous year’s information.

You know your child best, so with Lock2Learn, you can customize your child’s learning experience.