About The App


As parents, we all share two common goals:

  • To keep our children safe and protected. While parents have always wanted to know where their children are going and who they are with, today’s technologies extend those concerns to the online world. We want to know how our children are using technology and what apps they are using, and we often need to restrict them to certain types of activities for their own protection.
  • To ensure our children have every opportunity to achieve their goals through education. While we can provide our children with any number of skills or resources, perhaps the most important thing we can equip them with is a strong education that will enable them to pursue their dreams. An education opens doors for our children, and those doors can lead to rewarding careers, financial security, and fulfilling lives. We have a strong desire for our children to learn so they can prosper on their own in the future.

Lock2Learn provides today’s parents with a tool that supports them in pursuit of these goals. While there are many apps available that focus on childhood learning, and many others that provide parental monitoring and security features, only the Lock2Learn app provides both benefits in an easy-to-use, well-integrated, and easily accessible format.

Lock2Learn is a new app for tablets and smart phones that “locks” devices like smart phones and tablets when they are in use by your children, at time intervals that you determine. Each time the device “locks”, the child will be asked to correctly answer a series of questions from a database that has been developed by teachers and is specific to your child’s grade level. Once the number of correct answers has been achieved, the device will “unlock” and the child will be able to access the apps that you permit the child to use. The program is always running on your family’s devices and can only be turned off with a password. At any point in time, you can log onto the Lock2Learn site and review information about your child’s performance on the questions or their activity on the device, including which apps they use, which websites they visit, and how long they spend on various activities.

With Lock2Learn, you will be able to start utilizing today’s technology to achieve your goals of:

  • Keeping your children safe and protected
  • Providing your children with every opportunity to achieve their goals through education

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